Issue with how stats are reported (R6 Tracker)

PC profile : LordVPN3907's R6: Siege Overview Stats - Rainbow Six Siege Tracker
Xbox profile : web001's R6: Siege Match History - Rainbow Six Siege Tracker

I’ve noticed recently that the values reported for KD under Lifetime Overview (PC profile) across all playlists are much, much lower then what they should be. I’ve maintained a positive KD in ranked since I’ve started playing (both Xbox and PC), which can be verified by simply looking at the ‘Seasons’ tab, however it’s currently displayed at 0.87. The math is simply not mathing. Everything seems to be working/displayed correctly on the Xbox profile (which I don’t use since 2018 or so).

The only explanation I could think of is that the site is only counting the deaths from the Xbox profile when I linked my accounts…?

Thank you very much for your help with this.

EDIT : I’m realizing that there is an absurd amount of deaths (41k, reported on PC profile) reported that doesn’t make sense in Lifetime Overview… My Xbox profile (which I have most of my total playtime on, around 2k hours) is reporting 18.6k deaths…

EDIT 2 : Sorry if I didn’t explain the issue very precisely… But in a nutshell it seems that my Lifetime Overall stats are not making sense at all (Total Deaths, K/D, number of matches…). For example, it’s reporting 7.3k matches played in ranked, but if you calculate all my matches played in ranked in the ‘Seasons’ tab, I don’t think I have more than 500 total on PC and 2.3k total on Xbox. I don’t have any other profile and stats seems to be correctly calculated on the Ubisoft Website.