Live Match feature not working (9/16/23)

I’ve restarted my PC, Overwolf, etc and am still unable to use Live Match feature in game.

Here are my app logs: (2.6 MB)

Here is a current screenshot of the tracker:

Hi @ignVerx,

Could you please restart Overwolf and check again? Please note the game must be closed when you restart Overwolf.

Another fix was released a few hours ago, we hope everything will work now.

I’ve restarted mine for over three days and it has yet to work. I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled the tracker.

Hi, we’re aware that a small amount of users are having issues. Overwolf are currently trying to solve the issue, hopefully will be resolved today.

Hi, a fix has been released to 40% of users. If you’re still experiencing issues after a PC restart, there are instructions within our Discord. Assign yourself the Rainbow 6 role and read through this message.