Live match issue

Hi, I’m not seeing the live match in Valorant Tracker. Followed the instructions from, but it still doesn’t work. Saved the logs from Tracker What should I do if all other items are completed?

Hi @Kiriry,

Thank you for your logs. Apparently your “Overlay” settings is disabled, this prevents us from getting live match data.

Can you close VALORANT, enable the “Overlay” setting from the app’s settings, then relaunch VALORANT?

This should resolve the issue, please attach new app logs if it doesn’t.


hey i also seem to have the same issue and ihave enable overlay but it still isnt working

Hi, can you follow these steps please? If they don’t help, please send me your app logs.

i have tried to follow every step, but i might be missing some, and yes i did have issues of it automatically detecting my account so i just did it manually. how do isend longs?

andi have the tracker runnign each game

I sent two guides above, one shows how to send app logs :slight_smile:

Please explain exactly what issue you’re seeing too. Thanks

i cannot open the zip as it says acces denied. the issue is that i have logged in the tracker with my id but it doesnt show live matches, it can show completed matches but never live ones.
it always says waiting for the next match

I can’t help without logs I’m afraid. I’ve never ever heard someone say they can’t open the log zip file. Can you send the zip file across anyway?

i dont even kno how to acces it i tried with the zip thingie it said acces denied