Live Matches not shown even tho Tracker is up


since last patch (15.09.2023 i think) my Tracker stopped working. Top left it says “Services available” but it just doesnt detect my live matches. Ive tried to reinstall Overwolf + R6 Tracker but that didnt work either. (838.7 KB)

yea i have the same thing

Hi @FearZ and @Z8PJ,

Could you please restart Overwolf and check again? Please note the game must be closed when you restart Overwolf.

Another fix was released a few hours ago, we hope everything will work now.

Nope i tried everything (restarting, reinstalling, overwolf open before siege opens). Weird thing is the tracker works on my smurf but not on my main?

Hi, a fix has been released to 40% of users. If you’re still experiencing issues after a PC restart, there are instructions within our Discord. Assign yourself the Rainbow 6 role and read through this message.