My highlight is inside ValTracker, but i cant access the file when i press the file button

For the record, I redownloaded the app because I had problems with it previously regarding the ValTracker not showing up in-game but I’m not bothered by that. I can accept the fact if all the files i’ve deleted stay deleted but it’s still there in ValTracker and I can’t copy it to my hardrive. Is there any way to solve this problem? I’d appreciate if you consider answering my question. Thank youuu :smiley:

Hi @brakfest,

I assume that some Windows settings may prevent files from being opened from within the app, or block other features related to your file system.

If a highlight exists in the app and you can view it but you cannot open it in a folder on your disk, you will probably be able to find it manually here:

C:\Users\username\Videos\Overwolf\Valorant Tracker\VALORANT (default path)

If you deleted your highlights on your disk but they still appear in the app, please send us your logs and a screenshot of the Highlights page in the app:

Here is the mediafire link containing the ZIP file: AppLogs_2023-12-18_12-12-51

Here is the mediafire link containing a screenshot of one of the games i can’t access but can on the app:

Also, it’s not just one of the games , many video captures are like this too, it’s probably because i accidentally made a folder of the highlights i wanted to keep inside ValTracker without properly creating a new one on my hard drive. Thank you so much for assisting me with my problem. :smiley: