My username won’t appear so can’t see my stats

Could someone help me I’ve been trying to find my username it is CLOCKS3 but I can’t find it and it’s not popping up in the search bar I’m on origin


Have you changed your nickname recently? The system can find this profile only:

Hi, my username is GanbatteCactus on xbox live. My profile doesn’t come up when I search though. Any help would be appreciated - Thank you :>

Hi @GanbatteCactus,

It is available now:

Please note it might take some time to populate your stats (read more).

Hi my username Incach on origin and i can’t find it through the search. Can you help me please?

Username on origin and apex is sil3ntFPS (I changed it earlier today) but it still won’t update the name. Still shows under the old name sil3frit

Hi @sil3ntFPS,

It usually takes some time before your new nickname becomes accessible. Please note that you should search for your new nickname instead of your old one on this page:

yes I have been doing that. How much time does it usually take? It’s been about a day.

In some cases, it takes much longer than one day. We cannot speed up the process because we retrieve the data from Apex Legends and it does not return anything for your new nickname right now.

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All is good now. Started showing properly a day ago. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

My nick name is XD-acidkiller but cant find my id anywhere in apex tracker so cant keep a track please help

i cant find mine my name is LastBornZeus on pc

Hi my gamertag on xbox is DeeeeKs but it wont show, please help

My gamertag on xbox is DeeeeKs but cant find my profile, please help

Mine isn’t showing up on the leaderboard either for my region which is Jamaica.
Username: mafialion1

Hi, my username won’t show up in the search bar so I can track my stats and I’ve been trying for months, I’ve linked accounts and done everything I can think of and still no luck!
Any help is much appreciated


Hi ma gamer tag is LA SANJ and I’m not showing up on the tracker

Hi my username isn’t showing on the apex tracker could you please help. Gamer tag : LA SANJ

I linked my Xbox account to try to see my stats by my name isn’t showing.

My Xbox account is StupidBoy7162

Some of the requested profiles are available now: