My username won’t appear so can’t see my stats

Hi there,

Been trying to set up my account so I can track my stats but It won’t add me to the system? Am I doing something wrong? My Xbox account and Twitter have been accepted but still nothing?

My username is: assessedstorm17

Your profile link is here:

No stats are showing currently; i presume you are using ‘Special event’ trackers which we cannot collect right now; please follow the below link to advise what we can currently access.

ApexTracker F.A.Q Innac - Google Docs

I already have my Xbox account linked to this account but when I go to look up my name nothing pops up. My gamertag is Wattson TNC

Please help if you can

Your account is here: Wattson TNC’s Apex Legends Overview Stats - Apex Legends Tracker

Please bare in mind we only track your selected trackers.

For more info read this: ALL ‘MY STATS ARE INACCURATE’ Questions here - Apex Legends - Tracker Network

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

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I have not found my account either and have been trying for months my username in origin is LuvStracony plz help if you can

trulyStracony’s Apex Legends Overview Stats - Apex Legends Tracker

i cant find mine my name is EvoShield

thank you so mcuhhhh

Im unable to see my bo4 stats. my psn name is Jqshy-
any accounts i search up with a -_ etc i canot find these accounts.

My stats aren’t showing even though i’m supposed to be #1 in Canada for like 5 different things lol, my gamertag is: WaRdyy-666-

Mine isn’t coming up either iceycoldvb xbox

Hello! My account is linked with Playstation and Twitch as well but my kills wont appear on the leaderboards. My username is ImRickyTTV

Howtowingame was in leaderboards and than it took me off at around 250 mark i was #20 octane didnt play went to #200 . Casualy played was watching ppl played more passed me not much still 200 range and now i cant find my howtowingame after 70 wins in kills dmg or wins

I linked my twitch and stuff and it disapeared.

@RhippiN can you help me please

I can’t search my name up or see myself on the leaderboards. My Xbox user is FrostyGam3r8359. some help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @FrostyGam3r8359,

Your profile should be available now:

I can’t find/link my PlayStation profile on the Tracker Network website and app as well. It says it’s already linked in Account Management though. My PlayStation account is gayme_freak.

Hi @gaymefreak,

Your profile has been linked properly and your stats are currently available:

However, please note that you still have to link more gaming platforms to claim your PlayStation profile on the website.