My Valorant Tracker profile is stuck on anonymous


So I two days ago I hit Immortal 1 on Valorant however I am not able to see my current leaderboard ranking next to my rank. I thought to give it some time since I know leaderboards take a while to adjust. Fastforward 2 days later and my friend hit Immortal 1 aswell. Though for him the leaderboard number next to his rank instantly appeared. Afterwards I checked our Valorant Tracker profiles and mine has an error next to my rank which says: “This profile is most likely anonymized. Exact rating will not be available.”. I have turned off every privacy setting which could impede upon this with no result. I would love to actually be able to see my ranking since it took me so long to achieve this rank. Hopefully someone out here is able to help me, thanks.

PS: my IGN is Quandaele Dingle#goofy for anyone willing to help

Hello @6julien9 and welcome to the TRN forums.

I see on your profile the issue you’re describing.

The Immortal and Radiant ratings are grabbed from Riot’s own, public leaderboards, which you can find here:

I tried searching for your IGN and tag, but it told me the name was incorrect or that you’re not on the leaderboards.

I’m not 100% sure, but there used to be a setting on the leaderboards themselves that was at the bottom of the page when you are signed in. It was a checkbox that just said “Anonymize profile?”. If it was clicked, your actual IGN wouldn’t show up in your spot on the leaderboards - it would instead say “Secret Agent” or something along those lines.

I’m not sure if this recently changed as I’m not seeing that checkbox anymore, but I don’t often play Valorant so I’m not on the leaderboards. Can you go to the link I gave you, sign in, and see if that option shows up for you? If so, is it selected?

Hi, @vindictivesmurf thank you for helping me out here. Sadly i’m not able to find myself on the sites leaderboards, not even as a Secret Agent. It seems like my Valorant account does not apply for a position on the leaderboards which would explain why I’m not able to see my current ranking on my career profile next to my rank. This is really weird since I fulfil every criteria needed to appear on the leaderboards stated on the Valorant website itself (like have atleast 50 games played, play once a week, etc). Anyways thanks again for putting in the effort to help me resolve this issue.

@6julien9 Have you tried opening a Support ticket with Riot? They may be able to find where the issue is and help you fix it.

@vindictivesmurf Yes I have, seems like thats my last option. Hopefully everything will get resolved by the end of this Valorant Episode. Thanks again.

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Indeed, hopefully they’re able to find why your profile is seemingly anonymized on the leaderboards.

Please feel free to reach back out if you run into any further trouble or if Riot provides some insight.

try checking the “Anonymize” button, restarting the game, then unchecking it - sometimes it lies about the current status

Have you fixed this ? Also happend to me prev week.