Not showing Live Game Stats

The Overwolf fortnite tracker app is not showing live game info. Im new to this so Im not sure if this feature is still supported. I can look myself up and my stats are public, but when I go to the LIVE page int he app it just says Waiting For The Next Match.

Hi @JConstantineLV,

If you installed the app while the game was running, you should restart the game to fix this issue.

Otherwise, please send us your app logs:

Please close Fortnite and uninstall and reinstall “Overwolf” on your PC.
Before relaunching Fortnite, reinstall the Fortnite Tracker App, and open it.
Then launch Fortnite and check the live match features.

i have the problem to an i done it but still dont work

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same nun works i have the same problem


The problem is unrelated to the above

Please see: