Overlay Not working in game app not working

Hi there:

I open all as an administrator: Battlenet, Warzone, Overwolf and the app.

In game i tried all screen mods, i always play on fullscreen borderless, nothing happens, app is not loading, ALT + T etc dont work, the app stills open in another window, if i join a game and do alt + tab to see it, its not tracing anything and it sais its still waitting me to join a game.

I’m experiencing the same issues.

Hi @TaisonTV and @Deiity,

Have you read our recommendations?

Please note that Battle.net and Warzone should not be run as an administrator. In most cases, it is the main reason why live tracking does not work.

Have you read my message? i said im doing exactly all what you recommend xD and nothing happens

This is obviously an older post and i’m sure OP has figured it out by now. But for others, make sure battle.net/warzone aren’t running as admin.

Yes the issue was that there are 2.exe launcher and modern warfare, and changes must be applied in both exe