Overwolf not working in game

Idk what is wrong with my trn but i start my pc up open overwolf and trn then valorant and use my keybind to open trn but it doesnt show up. When i go to my settings of trn i get in the first topic if you are new or changed account… open your account from private. So i click the like and it says its not private anymore so i start game but doesn’t do anything I reinstall etc still nothing. I opened riot games on google and searched for private setting and it was on open is there any thing i missed?


Hi @XeliqYT,

Please could you send us your app logs? I’ve attached a guide if you’re unsure how to send logs.


because i’m a “new user” i can’t place a zip

i hope u can find it

the noti above of sign in still is there

This notification will not disappear, please ignore it as your profile is public already.

Could you please try to reinstall Overwolf? Does it fix the issue?

No it didn’t i also reinstalled the program and reset data