Post your Uplay verification issues here

If you have issues verifying your Uplay or PSN please post your PSN ID / Uplay Name here.

I will go through and verify it for you, it will be linked to the TRN account you used to post on this forum.


Link my account ps4 please. Psn id: Lordnexzyy

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Uplay: Aitai.

Thank you!

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Hello i would like to verify my tracker : IllllIIllIIIIl

i already linked my yt and steam but its still aint working

thanks for help !

Hello i delete my First TRN acc to this to retry something to link finally my uplay but it didnt work so…
With this TRN account i’ve linked same profile as u can see on pic but same error.

My Uplay is: Julio.MSY

(I’m really sorry to add more work to you)

Hi! I’ve been trying to link my ubisoft account for a long time to follow my ranking in Spain of R6 siege and stats, but it never lets me, I always get an error when I try to link.
Please, I would appreciate it very much if you could link my account :pray:

ubisoft: L3EGACY

Im having problems linking only the uplay account.
My name in uplay is: Signatus

The error:

HI I am having same problems linking only the uplay account.
My name in uplay is: Aimb0t.V9

The error:

My Uplay name is Leftwing

My friend r6tracker name : binbin311 cant link uplay plz help thx

My Uplay name is ‘StarNavi_.’ plz help!

Hi, my ubisoft name Aero.SLK

The game is The Division 2
My nickname/uplay id is - D-Y-N-4-M-O
Link -

All accounts posted here should now be linked.

Hey i conected my twitch and xbox account what are linked too my uplay my uplay name is Naruhtnes.SH please link it too my tracker account

Hey, I can’t link my uplay account.
Uplay : Spyro.MisT
Thank you !

Hi I’m having issues linking my ubisoft account, it says it’s already linked to another account but it can’t be because I have not linked it yet, here is my PC username: llIIIlIlIlllIll


hey i cant link my uplay account.
Uplay: ChrisBadly

thank you

Hey i cant link my uplay/ubisoft account aswell.

Uplay name: Xyqzera


I am having trouble linking my Youtube to my profile.
My R6Tracker : R6Tracker - NegaoMagic - Rainbow Six Siege Player Stats
My Youtube : Dimitri - YouTube

The error that occurs after signing in with google and returning me to site :

Thank you