Post your Uplay verification issues here

Please temporarily unlink your twitch account and try again please. If you continue to get issues, please be more specific and mention any errors/ behaviors your experience. Thanks!


PSN ID is meeiXi. My Discord and PSN are both linked via my account and verified, but my profile itself isn’t verified with the tick, so I’m unable to do things like hide my past aliases. Please help with this verification?

Psn: DaSpoopyGhost

Ubisoft account: MWGHOSTandSOAP

Pls help both accounts cant be found

OhDaddyUthicc on ubisoft. Can u do it? thanks in advance:)

Please follow the instructions on the account linking page. You can link via profile picture authentication or by linking your twitch.

i cannot link my ubisoft account

Ubisoft ID:smily222

Please follow the guide here: [Guide] How to Link Ubisoft and PlayStation Accounts to TRN

Need my psn verified please and thank you :blush: id: dcqnt