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So, here comes my problem…

When you search the PSN Player Nequza on R6 Tracker you can see the german flag but when you search for the Ubisoft Account named Nequza there is even a blue verified checkmark. But you can not see any stats there at all. Why does i dont have the verified marker when i look up for the Psn account Nequza (my stats) and everything else

Psn account* Nequza

I would like to get this account veryfied but it does not work i have both the ds and the twitch account linked on both sides

Geo location not working
PSN ID - ryyxm

Leaderbords not showing my profile in Poland
I deleted the old tracker account and created a new one, but the problem still persists

Hi i have linked my ubisoft account and all social media accounts that is linked to my acc but i dont see the checkmark next to my profile in r6 tracker. This is my uplay username : ItsMeX12 please check it and thanks for you’re services :pray:t2:

Hey I have this problem, my PSN and Ubisoft is SchpaS
And I have problem with my geo settings I’ve tried to put in “Norway” but nothing work

Ubisoft: SounderLamb9669
XBOX: SounderLamb9669
accounts not linking.

I already verify my ownership but I cant hide my alias

Hey i cant Get my flag

Psn Mowgli-M

Flag- Norway

Can u please help my friend too

Psn Faere_