R6 Security Improvements Casuing Issues With Overwolf Events

R6 Live Match Events Aren’t Working! Why?

Hi, you’re probably here as live match features are not working, or you’re the only player that’s appearing on the page…

Unfortunately, Ubisoft’s R6 security update, is causing issues for some Overwolf app users. You may experience these issues on some or all of your game accounts. There’s nothing here at Tracker Network we can do to help you, please read the instructions below.

What can I do to help?

If you’ve been experiencing live match issues after the 8th Nov 2022, please share your logs with Overwolf support here . If you don’t know how to generate a log file, you can find instructions here . Please send in your logs if you can, it helps a lot.

What happens now?

Please be patient whilst Overwolf and Ubisoft look into the issues, if you have friends in a similar situation, please get them to send in their Overwolf logs too. Hopefully the initial teething problems get resolved soon.

If we have any updates, we’ll post them on our Twitter .

Thanks for reading!