R6 Tracker says i lost a ranked game that i won

So i just won a ranked game in siege but R6 tracker says i was defeated, how can i fix this our prevent this in the future?

Hi, please can you provide your app logs so we can understand what went wrong and see if we can prevent future issues?

Hi, i tried to do it early but i got the message new users could upload attachments. But looking into your reply you have helped me greatly. I hope the link works, thank you for the reply.

Hi, from the logs, it looks like you quit the match too quickly? In some circumstances, you may have to wait a small amount of additional time after the round has been completed. We can view what logs the game itself records, it says the last round was abandoned. We may be able to work around the issue, or the game might have just logged the information incorrectly. The game log may differ from what the Ubisoft’s API records, so you may well see the match as a win on our website. Best practice to just wait a little after the final round concludes.