Rounds and tracking- Rounds don't stack, and tracking inaccurate

Tracking is off, peoples rank, kd, ops, and the win % is wrong and inaccurate. Another main issue that I am having is that during my live game play the rounds are not stacking. What I mean is that it shows the first round, then when that round is over it replaces it in the first box and shows that round, when that round is over it replaces the last round in the first box. Any known fixes? I have tried redownloading and clearing files, nothing.

Thank you ahead of time.

Hi, we are aware the lifetime stats are not updating correctly (ubisoft broke them), however the current seasonal stats should be spot on.

From the description of your other issues, I’m guessing Overwolf are providing incorrect details to us, which will be causing a wide range of issues.

Would you mind playing one match of either casual/unranked/ranked, then sending me your app logs so we can figure out the cause?