Season 12 Kills and Wins

Hello again. My Question this time would be, why are some of the Player’s Kill and Win Trackers for Season 12 are in the Leaderboards and others like mine are not. I dont know why I’m even asking anymore. Because NOTHING seems to work here. How dare you to demand that people should pay money for this?

Hi @HoursOfHell,

I checked your profile and it looks like you do not have any stat trackers for Season 12 which is why it is not possible to get your placement in leaderboards:

Please make sure you follow this article to update your stats on our website:

Thats wrong!!! I have the Season 12 Kills Tracker and the Season 12 Wins Tracker equipped. But they are not showing in my Profile or the Leaderboards!! I also forced the update on my Profile for Bloodhound with S12 Kills and Wins, but it does not show anything at all.

  1. you don’t need to force update.
  2. You have Lifeline as your selected legend not BloodHound

If you have further issues screenshot your account; with Bloodhound selected and the EQUIPPED trackers.

Without this, we will be going around in circles once more.

thank you

I had to play Lifeline because I played Duos and the other Player took BH. I didnt work, so why should I equip These Trackers again? U guys are just not able to handle your work. Thats a fact. I’m a friendly guy, but you always Tell me what I do wrong. I did everything as described, and it didnt work. So is this my fault?

At my Profile it only shows that it tracks the Kills, but I also have S12 Kills and Wins equipped.Processing: 20220212_220527.jpg…

Also, there are no Leaderboards showing for the Legends(S12 Kills and Wins). So u wanna say that this is my fault too:-)

No; we’ve now had further context around this matter and I truely apolgise if you felt any ‘blame’ was landed on your shoulders.

We’re aware of a couple of issues with certain trackers including Bloodhound (As per your notes) and also Bangalore.

We’re looking into it.

Once again sorry - LJM