Showing players not in game

Live match shows players on my team that aren’t in the game. I recognize the names that I have either played with or against them, but they show up every game on my team with my identical stats. Sometimes it is just one, sometimes two, and rarely three names. I’ve tried clearing all data in settings but it doesn’t do anything.

Hi @Snowmxn, do you still see this issue after restarting your PC?

If you are, it’s likely this issue is caused by an Overwolf bug and we’ll need your app logs. I’ve attached a guide on sending your app logs.

Hi, I’ve restarted my PC multiple times and have even upgraded some parts anyways and nothing changed. This has been happening for a long time.

Okay, thanks for the additional info. We’ll need your Overwolf logs as mentioned above. Without these, we cannot do anything.


The same thing has been happening for me as well.

The two opponents indicated were not in the match.
My teammate malk. was there but his stats never populated.

I have a feeling that players with an AI cheat ingame have 2 names shown. (just like your screenshot)
Everytime there is a (bug) name in the list it’s always with a person that has a perfect gameplay, new account, and only played for example 2v2 and tournament and nothing else.

The lower AI bots are bad and still learning while playing. but u can notice they will counter u more while the match continues.

maybe an idea for the staff to look into this, it will take the fun back into the game when the AI won’t take over Rocket league.
and hey maybe you have an anti cheat without knowing. :slight_smile: