Tracker App Shows Loss

Hi there. My tracker overlay shows a loss when we won the game. I did not leave early or rejoin. I see that on the website it does count as a win, but I don’t want my stats in the overlay to be affected by recording it as a loss.


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It wouldn’t let me put more than one image in a single post so I decided to make the two extra replies to show all screenshots. :slight_smile:


Please can you provide your app logs, we’ll be able to determine the cause and fix the issue.



Thank you for replying. Here is the mediafire link:


Thanks for the logs, the log from the game itself reports the final round was abandoned. In these cases, there’s nothing we can do unfortunately, the game itself has provided bad data.


The site gathers match history differently, it gathers data from Ubisoft’s API. The desktop app generates match history by reading game logs, as it can give us a lot more data.