Trackergg Bot Twitch - Valorant Issue

Although I’ve registered and connected my accounts with the tracker, it always shows that one of my accounts aren’t found- but then it shows the account right after? I tried refresh, I even disconnected both accounts from TRN. Hope someone can send help ;-;


Hey @dt_sugahera!

Try removing one of your accounts manually using !trackergg remove riot {username} like so: !trackergg remove riot Reprevise#3912. Hope this helps!

Hi @Reprevise !

Thank you for the reply! I did try the remove previously, but it would tell me that it was an unknown account- tried it just now and this is what I got:


Maybe I just need to give it some time to refresh- I’ll get back to you in a few hours if nothing changes then :))

Thank you again!

looks like this person is also having the same problem!

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