Valorant Tracker App doesn't sync with the website and doesn't detect games I join

When I first downloaded Valorant Tracker, everything worked fine for a few games. Then I closed Valorant to have lunch and returned to the tracker not working. I don’t think I updated Valorant during lunch and nothing changed on my computer. It started with the “Live View” tab not showing the current games I was playing. I reinstalled the app hoping it would fix but that just made it worse. Now, the app shows me as having no statistics or games played at all. I tried reinstalling and clearing app data multiple times but nothing worked. I tried running Overwolf and the tracker as administrator and made sure Valorant wasn’t running with admin privileges. The app displays my name and profile, just without any stats. I know my account is public because all the stats show up on the website. The app says all features are available and the server is in good condition. Overlays also don’t show up in-game. Really not sure how to fix this.


Please close Valorant and reinstall Overwolf, and then reinstall our app.

We don’t recommend running Valorant or Overwolf as admin.

Make sure the app is open before launching Valorant, then play a match. If the app is still not working, please send us your app logs so we can understand the issue.

A guide on providing app logs is here: [Guide] How to send your Overwolf logs

Thanks! These directions really worked.

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