Valorant tracker audio not working

Valorant tracker audio not working when i look at my recent kills/deaths in the app. beeen happening for a few days now and not sure why. havent changed anything with my pc audio at all or valorant audio eithe

Yeah I have the same problem, I have already changed my audio capturing devices a lot of times and the highlights keep coming with no sound, only video

Hi @Ploidyy and @ALENTEJO,

We are investigating this issue. If possible, could you please share your logs to help us find the source of the problem?

I was just going to send the logs you wanted when I saw your response.
Now I played a match and it works perfectly now.
Thanks for the instant help and I’ll keep using the app :slight_smile:

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i have also had no audio in my clips and my tracker is up to date, so im not sure how else to fix it

Hi, were you expecting old clips to be fixed? They won’t be.

If you’re having issues with new clips after the update, please provide your logs. Instructions above.

Hello, I also have this issue and reinstalling didn’t help - I have now highlights sound in the tracker itself, but not it a main video in pc folder - just some bits of sound that mic catches through the headphones. Here is the link to my logs in a zip

hope this helps

Hi, from your logs, it looks like you reinstalled, played 1 round of unrated, then you left or the game got cancelled?

Can you play a full match and review the highlights from that match before reporting an issue? Let us know if the issue continues.

These are the logs after a full competitive game - still sound in the tracker, but not in a windows player itself. Every program (valorant, tracker and system settings) have the same output and input devises