Valorant Tracker ingame overlay not working

Whenever i’m in a game of valorant and go to check my live match nothing comes up. Also nothing comes up during the agent select, i’ve tried to reinstall it and restart my pc but nothing works. I can send you my logs if you want but you will have to tell me how to send them.

pls help :((

Hi @spicydemon52,

You can read how to send your logs in this post:

Also, please make sure the Overlay option is enabled in the app settings:


If it is disabled, the app will not work.

hi again,
I have my log files but when i click on the link it leads me to the website but It says I have to enter your email which i’m not sure of. Do you recon you could send me your email so I can send over my log files?

thanks, spicydemon52

You do not need to enter an email. When you upload your ZIP file, the website will generate a link that you should send here.

heres the link to my logs, DropMeFiles – free one-click file sharing service

Could you please check for Overwolf updates? You are currently using an outdated version which may be the reason why the app does not work for you.


If your Overwolf client cannot find a new version, please reinstall Overwolf (not just the app).

I reinstalled overwolf and valorant tracker and I updated my Overwolf to the latest version. But I am still experiencing the issue, do you have any other possible solutions for this issue?

thanks, spicydemon52