Valorant tracker shows 0% HS on me

Hello, for the last few days I have this problem that the app always shows 0% HS rate but only on me. Other players have the correct %. It used to work, though. Any idea?

Hi, first time I’ve heard of this issue.

Are you using streamer mode in-game? Appearing as “me”, “Jett”, etc? If so, please disable it and let me know if it fixes the issue.

If that’s not the cause, I’ll need your app logs. Please send them after a match where the issue occurs.



thanks for your answer. If I disable streamer mode (name hiding) it works. But I would like to mention that I have hidden name all the time and it worked with tracker well relatively for a long time. Also, others have their name hidden too, but I can see their hs stats anyway. Do you want to post logs here with hidden name? Or any other idea? Thank you.


Please complete a match with streamer mode ON, then post your logs here.


Hello, sure. Here it is. Thank you for your time. (1.2 MB)

Thank you for the logs. I’ve identified the issue and added to our task list.

I can’t give you an accurate ETA as to when this’ll be fixed, but it’s on our list and hope to solve it soon.


Glad I could help. Thank you for your efforts to solve the problem, I appreciate it.