Warzone Tracker Live Match not working at the moment

this isnt looking good boys, live tracker suddenly going down and no updates AT ALL, this can only mean one thing… Reminds me of something I’ve seen already with another live tracker.

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exactly what I was wondering as well. seems more like a shut down then maintenance when they cant even respond with a hint of a time table. That or they just don’t care about the people spending money.

Sir, can you please give us any update, dont be like activision that never keep their costumers updated on what’s going on.

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Please read my latest response in this topic:

We are actively working on resolving issues with the app and we will share some news as soon as we can.


thank you very much your effort is really appreciate, sorry for asking insistently but somehow i didnt found your answer before.
thanks again for the kindness of linking it into this thread.
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It was just posted a few hours before your comment.

ya i want my money back, this is so stupid, i signed up specifically for the live match, not a match recap, i can go to wzstats or regular codtracker to see this after a match. WE NEED LIVE MATCH TRACKER

literally called it three days ago, what a shame… no reason to use this tracker anymore.

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