Wrong peak Rank being shown

I’ve reached Radiant in the third Act of the first episode, but for some reason when you check my profile it says I was Diamond 3 in E1A3, which is weird, could it be a bug specific to the first Episode?

I’ve seen people with similar issues, and someone with the exact same problem who wasn’t answered (Rank doesnt show up in Peak Rating & in E1 A2 & A3).

In-game name: DTR#9653
Proof: https://snipboard.io/LA54sn.jpg

Hi @detr22,

Unfortunately, we receive the limited amount of data from Riot Games and the peak rating is based only on the historical data we have. Most probably, your peak rating is the latest highest rating in our database which is why we cannot change it.

You can read how the rating system works now below:

Current rating is based on the last rating the player has entered a match with. Therefore, promotions and demotions will usually be delayed by one match. We also only collect recent matches. If you’re new to the site we may have missed old matches.

The above doesn’t apply to Immortal rating and above, where the rating is updated from Riot’s official leaderboards, usually once an hour. Rating changes happening between updates are generally lost forever.

Remember that “anonymizing” your leaderboard placement in-game will also stop us from tracking the exact rank. Your rating will show up as just “Immortal” or “Radiant”.