Can't find apex account

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@LostBlood , @LJM i cant find my username as well. my steam accounts name is kamphuisjp. I really hope it could be found

@jayoneking ‘kamphuisjp’ is not a valid Origin ID (or one that I can find).

TRN requires the Origin ID linked to your Apex/Steam account in order to track stats.

If you go to and sign in, your Origin ID is shown towards the bottom left of the page as well as on the profile page. You’d then use this name to look up your stats on

My Name on Steam is Medusa and I play Apex on it, My origin is linked to my steam, but when I type in my origin name it pops up but none of my stats are there? Any help too see my stats?

@BekrijaBiH Please can you let me know your Origin ID plus review this quick start guide. Thank you Tracking your statistics with ApexTracker - FAQ - Apex Legends - Tracker Network

hi i cant find my account ,i play on xbox fruitzz8480 is my name

Hi @FruitZz8480,

It should be available now:

Hi! I can’t find my Origin account. My id is itsdoctorlifted. I have made sure it is connected to my steam account. I just switched from PS to PC. Don’t know if this has anything to do with it.

Hi @itsdoctorlifted and welcome to the TRN forums

It looks like your account is still showing up under the PSN portion of the site:

It probably will take some time to update. Looks like the last time the profile was updated was when data was collected 2 days ago when you played Seer.

Have you connected your Origin account on the Linked Accounts page as well?

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Yes I have linked my account. How long does it take for a new account to update?

@itsdoctorlifted That’s a great question. I’m not with TRN, so I don’t actually know for sure. What I’ve seen on this forum ranges from a few days to a week or so to update correctly.

@itsdoctorlifted Hey; just looking into this for you.

Can you double-check your Origin username please; according to the API ‘itsdoctorlifted’ isn’t currently in use for the PC client of Apex.

I’d suggest logging into and checking the bottom left-hand side as this will display your current origin ID. Can you check this for me?

Finally please make sure before trying to search for your profile again you skim over this FAQ which helps explain which trackers we can see Tracking your statistics with ApexTracker - FAQ - Apex Legends - Tracker Network

I have doubled checked and my account is is “itsdoctorlifted”.Processing: image.jpg…

Thanks I have been using this site for awhile so super aware of the trackers. Thanks for the help!

I have launched the game via origin and played to make sure it would register. Still nothing. Please help me I want to see my stats the day of the ranked split :frowning:

It doesnt even redirect me when i try to link my origin account. I dont know if thats normal.

Please help me find my new PC account.

Please and thank you Apex Tracker Lords

Any Update? I’ve tried about everything to get my account linked…

@itsdoctorlifted I’m going to DM you to make it easier to have a back and forth!

Thank you

I can’t find my origins account LxSirMixAlotxL

@Mbrzez58 LxSirMixAlotxL’s Apex Legends Overview Stats - Apex Legends Tracker

Hi, I have my account sorted (I think) but cant see my name on any leader boards
Happy_spaceman_ on playstation

@Happy_spaceman Your account is all linked up and looking good! Happy_spaceman_'s Apex Legends Overview Stats - Apex Legends Tracker

It may take 24 hours for you to appear on the LB’s following the first update.

I note you currently have no region set so you will not appear of these LB’s at all; if you wish to apply a regional status to your account it can be done here: Tracker Network | Settings - Premium (

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