Can't see who's queued together anymore?

Hello :slight_smile:

I could see the was queued together when Valorant Tracker released it, but after either an update on Valorant or Valorant tracker it’s completely gone?
All my friends who still have Tracker installed can still see who is in a party together.

I’ve tried to delete Valorant tracker and reinstall it. I’ve also tried to delete both OverWolf and Valorant Tracker at the same time, nothing works.

Is a setting I’m missing or is it just really bugged? If anyone knows how to fix it I would appreciate some help :slight_smile:


Please can you provide your app logs, it should help us determine the cause.

Thanks. (1.6 MB)

Here you go :slight_smile:

Hi @HeyJulieeee,

It looks like some requests from the application are being blocked. I suspect this may happen if you are using VPN services. Could you let us know if you made any changes to your Internet connection when this feature stopped working?

Hello again :slight_smile:

I haven’t made any changes to my internet connection and I don’t use a VPN service :open_mouth:

It just happened almost over night and it’s really weird

Could you please download and install this test build?

You need to close the app and the game, then click on the file icon twice and open the app. You should see this version in the app settings:


There is a small chance that this build will fix the issue for you. If you still cannot see parties after several matches, please send me your new logs, I hope the app will collect a bit more useful information for us to use next time.


I’ve played a couple of games with the version you send me and it still doesn’t work :frowning:
I had my friend join me to see if there were some in parties together. And there were a duo on the other team, but I couldn’t see it :frowning:

But, I got the new logs for you to check out :slight_smile: (336.2 KB)

Thank you. Unfortunately, I do not have an obvious fix right now. I will try to reproduce the issue and get back to you if I find a solution.

Thank you for trying and yes if you find a solution please get back to me :slight_smile:

Any news on this subject? I have the same problem. Despite having version 1.18.1, it seems that I don’t have the updates deployed. I don’t see who is on the same team nor do I see the level of the players.

No, not yet. We know that some users are experiencing this issue because something is blocking the app from getting the data, but we still cannot figure out how to reproduce it.

I don’t know if the information I’m going to give is useful in any way to track the problem. I have an adblock called pi-hole that blocks ads via DNS. However, the problem appears with and without it activated. Another point to consider, the first match I play works perfectly. From the second match onwards, it causes problems again and looks like the old version. I use the game in fullscreen (not windowed) and I have the “disable full screen optimizations” option checked in the icon compatibility properties.

Hey again :slight_smile: I may haves some information that may help (hopefully)
So my sister were at my place and wanted to play Valorant, so she logged in on her account and all of a sudden Valorant tracker both showed who was queded together and the levels! :o Then after she was done I tried and then it didn’t work again? So it must be some settings on Valorant, but I just checked and we have all the same settings execpt from keybinds… So I’m very confused? I’ve also checked that my Valorant tracker profile isn’t prviate. I also bought premium to see if that helped, it did not :frowning:
Hopefully you guys can use this to help with the issue :slight_smile:

Hello? xD
I wrote the message 2 days ago, are you trying to figure it out? Because then I’ll ofc give you time, but if you guys didn’t get my message let me know and I’ll send it again :smiley:

These are interesting finds, thanks for sharing! Do not worry, I have bookmarked this thread and I see your comments. I will try to respond here as soon as I can.

The app receives the live match data from several resources, and one of them is the game client which fails to send us the data that we need. It looks like the issue is somehow related to game accounts and not to computer settings, which makes it even harder to reproduce.

We would like to check something, but we need your help. Could you create a new Valorant account and check if this issue also happens when you use this new account? If it does, we will need a login and password from this account (please make sure to use a random login and password for security reasons). We will use this account to try to reproduce this issue on our computers, and if it happens for us too, we will have higher chances to fix it.

I also bought premium to see if that helped, it did not

Unfortunately, this kind of issues is not related to having / not having the Premium membership.

I’ve submitted a ticket on Valortant tracker, because it had my new account information in the text.
So I just wanted to let you know that there’s a ticket from me in there with every new information I now have :smiley:

Thank you, I confirm that we have received your emails. Unfortunately, this new account will not help us fix the issue since it does not happen when you use this account.

However, there is one more test that we would like to perform. Is there a way for you to check whether this issue happens when you use your primary account on a different computer? In this case, we will be 100% sure that it is possible to reproduce this issue on our computers if we find someone who is ready to give us access to an account with this issue.

Hey :slight_smile:

So a new update from me, I tried to run a few games on my spare pc and everything actually worked! :smiley: I got to both see parties and the lvl on other players.
Therefore it must be something in my main pc that’s not working with Valorant tracker? Should I try to reset my pc completely? Because I honestely have no idea of what it could be? It’s a relatively new pc, so there’s not much on it. But I could try and as I said completely reset it.
Hope this is useful information :smiley:

I have important information on this subject. I can replicate it at any time and I can also make it work. I don’t know why, but it’s related to logging into the Riot Client. If you leave the session or login data saved, the tracker network cannot load all the data such as the players’ level or whether they are in a team or not. If you force login every time you open Valorant, then everything works as it should. I’ve already tested it several times. I hope it helps.

Hi @HeyJulieeee and @Rutenio,

Are you still experiencing this issue? One of our developers got the same problem after the recent game update, and we were able to fix it on his computer by removing all files and folders in this directory:


In order to open it, you need to press Win + R on your keyboard, paste the path into the field and hit Enter:


You will see similar folders:


Please delete them (or move to a different location on your computer), restart your Riot Games client and check if the issue goes away.

Also, please note that it will probably reset your Valorant settings. Make sure to check your settings before and after removing the files.