Live match broken in game

I’m in game but live match not show every thing i uninstall 2-3 time but still broken
first i click link get help everything is normal

Hey there,

I’m assuming you had R6 closed whilst reinstalling the app? If so, please can you send me your app logs?

[quote=“[Guide] How to send your Overwolf logs, post:1, topic:3606”]
If the app does not work properly (for example, it does not detect your profile automatically or it does not show players in your lobby), please consider sending your Overwolf logs to us. We will check them to understand the problem and suggest you possible solutions to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

There are two possible ways to create your logs ZIP file. We highly recommend you to follow Option #1. If the first option does not work for you, please follow Option #2 instead. Both options will help you collect enough technical information to help us understand the issue.

R6 track log <<< click link
Overwolf log <<< click link