No kills,damage showing up in Overwolf tracking app, no roster either

When I look on the website, I’m properly seeing kills/assists, weapon stats, etc… When I look in the app in the gamte (alt +T), my kills and assists for all characters is always zero.

Additionally, since the last patch I don’t get a window for lobby tracker, it’s just not present on the screen when do alt+e.

Did check that obituaries are on. (3.5 MB)

Hi, are these your most recent logs? The most recent data in the logs you provided are from December!

Please could you re-attach the correct logs or play some more matches with the app open and then send us your new logs? Thanks!

Here you go… (3.5 MB)


While figuring out how to re-zip the logs I happened to find the plugin directory for the tracker. I deleted that and restarted everything and some stats are tracking now as I play games. Is there a time when everything “catches up” to what’s on the website?

Hi, so to clarify, the live match roster is now working? Stats from your matches are now appearing on the home, match history, legends and weapon pages?

The data won’t “catch up” to what’s on the website. Respawn’s API provides very limited data, the Overwolf app collects data in a different manner, it allows us to collect a lot more data which can’t merge with the data you can find on our website.

Yes. I tried reinstalling the app many times but kept having the same issues. Deleting the folder containing the app in the Overwolf data and installing again seems to have resolved it. I’m now getting the roster during the match (suspiciously some players are listed at level 0 but I’m not concerned about that), and it’s now tracking kills/assists and damage.

Thank you for helping me this straightened out!

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