R6 Tracker Wont Load Any Stats

The app can’t find my account so it displays no stats and in game in Live Match it just says loading stats forever. I’ve reinstalled like 3 times and I closed siege and restarted overwolf I just can’t get it to work.


Could you provide your app logs? Can you also confirm your Ubisoft Connect username and that you play Siege on a PC?

I’ve attached a guide on grabbing your app logs:

My ubisoft username is Frothop and yes i play on pc. AppLogs_2023-09-17_12-43-15

Thanks for your logs. You have a unique issue that will require special attention. I’ll update you once the issue is fixed. There’s a chance your issue could be resolved by restarting your internet.

I’m going to require additional info. Sent you a DM.

у меня таже проблема…что делать?

I have the same problem…what should I do?

Hi, please can you provide your app logs? Instructions are provided above.

Uploading: AppLogs_2023-09-19_15-56-29.zip…

Username V1naV1.G2 same issue
AppLogs_2023-09-20_22-13-22.zip (3.0 MB)

It says im not a user after i changed my username and cant find my stats