[Troubleshooting] How to change Warzone video settings

If Warzone Tracker does not appear in-game or you cannot click on anything in the app, please open your Warzone video settings and make sure that Display Mode is set to one of the following values:

  • Windowed;
  • Fullscreen Borderless;
  • Fullscreen Extended Window.

Please note that “Fullscreen” is not supported at the moment. Do not use this option if you want to use in-game features while you play.

Moreover, please make sure that the overlay support is enabled in Overwolf settings:

  1. Open Overwolf settings.

  2. Find “Call of Duty” in the list and enable the overlay if it was disabled.

If you still cannot see the app in-game, please uncheck the “Disable fullscreen optimization” option.

If you see the app in-game after following the instructions above, but live tracking does not work for you, please read this troubleshooting guide: