Valorant tracker not recording any highlight audios/sounds

hello, so, Valorant tracker has stopped recording my audio and the issues in Overwolf support regarding audio don’t match, this happened a day or two before and i fixed it by uninstalling overwolf and installing it again, but for some reason it only worked for a match or two and then stopped recording the audio once more and when I tried uninstalling it again, it didn’t even work, can someone please help me fix this? I’ve been using the tracker for more than a year previous to this with no issues and i didn’t change any setting regarding sound for this to happen.

been having the same issue with my kills/deaths too. not sure why as its happened for a few days nopw

i also am having this issue for a couple of days now

I thought I was the only one, ive been trying to fix it but it is also not working, I hope TRN or Overwolf fixes this sooner


We are investigating this issue. If possible, could you please share your logs to help us find the source of the problem?

@tinolangkambing123 @knuffiYt @vynnnnn @Ploidyy

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Hello, Im experiencing the same issue as the peers above. Do you know why the audio will refuse to record? Is it the default settings? (3.8 MB)
Here is my zip file


A fix has just been released! Thank you for your reports.

Restart Overwolf like so to get the fix:

You need to be on version: or higher.


Please provide some context. Were you expecting old clips to be fixed?
Can you play some more matches and see if the new clips have sound?