[Guide] Fix Common Overwolf Issues or Update Overwolf Client & Plugins

Please read the information below carefully. Following the steps correctly often solves common issues with any Overwolf app.

First of all, if you weren’t aware, apps only works if you are playing the game on PC, the app has to be on the same PC which you’re playing the game on, it does not work for consoles or GeForce NOW (or other streaming platforms) players.

If you’re on playing on PC:

  1. Close your game

  2. Close Overwolf from your system tray (next to your clock on the taskbar):

  3. Re-open our stats app

  4. Launch your game

Issues often arise when Overwolf is not running before you launch your game. It’s best to allow Overwolf to launch upon system start up, you can enable it through: Task Manager> Startup. It’s also best to make sure “auto launch” is enabled in our app settings.